New Mexico promotes clean car/truck rules to improve climate


The state of New Mexico plans a series of meetings to lay out new rules and regulations targeting cars and trucks to make them cleaner for the environment.

The dates for the meetings on the proposed Advanced Clean Cars and Advanced Clean Truck rules were announced by the New Mexico Environment Department and the city of Albuquerque.

“These rules are essential to create a prosperous and cleaner future for New Mexicans,” said Environmental Protection Division Director Michelle Miano. “I look forward to the discussions that will take place and encourage the public to participate in this process.”

“The proposed rules will have a large impact in significantly reducing ground-level ozone and greenhouse gas emissions,” said City of Albuquerque Environmental Health Deputy Director Chris Albrecht. “We look forward to the public dialogue to help create the most sustainable solutions for a healthier city and state.”

The proposed Advanced Clean Cars rule directs vehicle manufacturers to deliver an increased number of zero-emission light-duty cars and trucks to New Mexico, starting with model year 2027, and ensuring that over 80% of new cars and trucks delivered to New Mexico for sale are electric by 2032. Similarly, the proposed Advanced Clean Trucks rule guarantees that 40-75% of new medium and heavy-duty trucks delivered for sale are zero-emission vehicles by 2035.

Zero-emission vehicles don’t emit exhaust gas or other pollutants from the onboard source of power.  Cleaner cars improve local air quality. Experts project that this rule will save New Mexicans over 25 million dollars cumulatively in health care costs, lost workdays, and lost years of life through 2040.

The first meeting will be held September 19 in Santa Fe. Others will follow  in October