Gasoline prices steady for now in Oklahoma—but it could change come July

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Gasoline prices are holding steady in Oklahoma while the experts are warning we can expect higher prices in the weeks to come because of the production cut decision by OPEC+ nations.

The production cut by another million barrels of oil a day won’t take effect until July 1, so drivers might not see any change in the prices they pay, until then.

Oklahoma’s current average is $3.19 per gallon, according to AAA. A week ago, the average was $3.23 and a month ago, the average was $3.19. The current average compares to $4.49 per gallon paid by motorists a year ago.

Lawton’s average of $3.03 is the same as a week ago and far below the $4.32 average from a year ago.

Oklahoma City drivers are paying $3.23 per gallon average this week, down 3 cents from a week ago and 4 cents lower than a month ago. A year ago, the city’s average was $4.51 per gallon.

Tulsa’s average is $3.03, a drop of 16 cents in the past week and nearly the same as the $3.02 average from a month earlier. Driver in Tulsa paid $4.37 an average one year ago.

Oklahoma’s current average of $3.19 compares to $3.25 in Kansas, $3.47 in Colorado, $3.45 in New Mexico, $3.09 in Texas, $3.11 in Arkansas and $3.18 in Missouri.