More government spending programs make Sen. Lankford’s latest “Federal Fumbles”

Federal Fumbles | About James | U.S. Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma


Oklahoma U.S .Sen. James Lankford is out with his Volume 7 of his federal waste book, Federal Fumbles: Ways the Federal Government Dropped the Ball, and among his findings are what he labels as government waste in funding climate change and broadband projects.

Federal Fumbles: Ways the Federal Government Dropped the Ball is a glimpse at just some of the wasteful spending in the federal government. No one can seriously believe that there is no place in the federal budget to reduce spending,” said the Senator who outlined what he considers to be waste and inefficiencies in the federal government.

Such as the FCC’s effort to strengthen broadband connectivity in the U.S. where the Senator found 100 programs dedicated to broadband access are administered by 15 different agencies.

Putting the “Broad” in Broadband.

“And the cost for those 100 programs? $44 billion (Yes, billion with a “b”) for just five years between 2015 and 2020. Only the federal government could spend $44 billion over five years and still not have a solution,” stated the senator on page 35 of his Federal Fumbles.

Senator Labels OPM Breach a 'Federal Fumble' of 2015 - Nextgov

Another find of the Senator’s was “Ghana, Roads, & Climate Change.” He referenced his $164,000 study last year on rural roads in India, saying his latest discovery was the $80,000 spent on studying the impact of climate change on road safety in Ghana.

“All roads lead to more wasteful spending,” concluded the senator.

Then there was “Caliente in Mexico City,” a nearly $1.5 million expenditure of tax dollars going to “Understand, Visualize and Mitigate Climate-Change Impact Cascades and Inequities in Central Mexico.”

Sen. Lankford suggested the $1,499,365 would be “much better spent on a program to “Understand, Visualize and Mitigate Illegal Immigration Impact Cascades and Inequities at the Southern Border.”

He said the project wins the award for the most trendy buzz words to justify a federal grant.

There are other examples of Lankford’s Federal Fumbles, such as the $215,000 awarded to California State University to conduct a three-week institute for middle and high school teachers to study “climate futurism.”

Or the $350,000 National Institutes of Health project to develop a Smart Toilet application that uses artificial intelligence. Yes, a smart toilet app for your phone!

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