PSO promotes fuel-free power program along with Earth Day

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Public Service Company of Oklahoma boasted on Earth Day over the weekend that its $2.4 billion renewable energy plan involving the acquisition of three solar farms and three more wind-farm operations will reduce customers bills.

In taking note of Earth Day, the utility said its proposed Fuel-Free Power Plan will more than double its renewable energy portfolio.

It also encouraged employees and customers to be aware of the environmentally-friendly energy proposed to come onto the grid.

PSO’s activities include:

• Six planned fuel-free energy facilities in PSO’s proposed Fuel-Free Power Plan will reduce customers’ bills and more than double PSO’s renewable energy portfolio.
• PSO’s recently concluded conversion of almost 70,000 streetlights to light-emitting diode (LED) technology produces better, brighter light, while saving energy and reducing carbon monoxide emissions.
• Since 2010, PSO consumer programs have helped customers save energy at home and in their businesses, saving the equivalent of more than 94,000 homes’ annual electricity use, 306,000 swimming pools of water and 2.1 million vehicle emissions.

“PSO is a customer-first company. We’re proving that we can serve our customers with safe, dependable, affordable energy and do it in an environmentally smart way,” said PSO President
and Chief Operating Officer Leigh Anne Strahler.

“Adding clean generation assets, reducing our carbon footprint with LED lights and helping customers save energy and money are just a few of the ways we serve our customers in a way that’s sustainable for future generations.”

For PSO customers who want to save on their energy bills and promote energy efficiency, an easy way to start is to take a look at your energy usage, available in 15-minute increments, and
discover custom-tailored tips on how to increase your energy efficiency and savings while reducing energy waste.

Additionally, PSO offers rebates for customers who make energy efficient choices when replacing or purchasing lighting, electronics, heating and cooling systems, appliances and other home and business equipment. And finally, PSO’s Power Hours
voluntary program rewards customers for shifting their usage during times of high demand on the power grid.