Paloma Operating is busy in the STACK play

Paloma Operating, LLC


Houston’s Paloma Operating Company had a recent flurry of drilling activity in Oklahoma’s STACK play including two single-pad wells with combined production of more than 900 barrels of oil a day.

The two wells, located about 4 miles northwest of the city of Kingfisher at  31 17N 7W in Kingfisher County were completed in recent months.

The Roadrunner 6_7-16n-7w 3mhx was the largest producer with 521 barrels of oil a day along with 668 Mcf of natural gas. It was completed in November of 2022 with a drilled depth of 18,335 feet in the Mississippian formation and a true vertical depth of 8,126 feet. The well had a June 2022 spud date according to the completion report.

The Roadrunner 6_7-16n-7w 2mhx was also completed in November of last year with production of 383 barrels of oil a day and 477 Mcf of natural gas. Its drilled depth was 18,342 feet in the Mississippian and true vertical depth was 8,200 feet, per the completion report.  It too had a spud date of June 2022 with completion in early November of last year.

Paloma Operating also 28 12N 6W  a Canadian County well, the Roseannadanna 27_22-12n-6w 1mhx, in January of this year. Its production was 165 barrels of oil a day and 116 Mcf of natural gas from a site immediately adjacent to the C-E Page Municipal Airport at Yukon, 28 12N 6W . With a July 2022 spud date, the well had a drilled depth of 16,440 along with a true vertical depth of 8,674 feet in the Mississippian play.