Oklahoma gasoline prices continue to climb

Trump, OPEC, and everyone else to blame for rising gas prices


Gasoline prices continued their rise this week across Oklahoma, reaching a high of $2.93 a gallon, just weeks after declining before the end of 2022.

AAA reported Thursday that gasoline prices rose 2 cents in one day. The new average is higher than a year ago when Oklahoma prices averaged $2.90 a gallon. It also is 14 cents higher than a week ago when the average in the state was $2.79 per gallon.

Oklahoma City’s prices rose a few cents in one day to reach an average of $2.92 a gallon, higher than a year ago when prices averaged $2.86. A week ago, the city average was $2.78.

Tulsa’s new average is $2.93 after rising 5 cents in one day and higher than the $2.76 average reported a week ago. A year ago, Tulsa had an average gasoline price of $2.70 per gallon.

Lawton prices rose too and averaged $2.76 as of Thursday, 23 cents more than a week ago and 6 cents higher than a year ago when the Lawton average was $2.70.