More than half of spilled oil recovered at Keystone Pipeline leak in Kansas

Keystone spill


Following the large Keystone Pipeline leak in northern Kansas about 3 weeks ago, operator TC Energy says it has recovered more than half of the crude oil spilled near a creek.

The company reported this week its crews had recovered about 7,599 barrels of oil from Mill Creek along with a total of 15,488 barrels of oil and water. Mill Creek is located near the town of Washington.

TC Energy also created a no-fly zone over the leak site and said it did so for safety reasons. The site is closed to the press and lawmakers have not been allowed there for a briefing.

“Clearing the airspace is critical for the safety and security of the pilots conducting ongoing monitoring as well as the working crew on the ground,” TC Energy said in a statement. “Crews are working around the clock on the incident and need to be distraction-free.”

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