Highest natural gas bills in the nation are right here in Oklahoma

5 Reasons Why Your Gas Bill is So High


Highest natural gas bills in the country? They’re right here in Oklahoma according to the  U.S. Department of Energy.

The report indicated it will cost $301 a month to heat homes with natural gas reported Fox 25 News.

The high cost of natural gas bills wasn’t lost on at least one Tulsa consumer who sent a critical email to Corporation Commissioners Dana Murphy and Todd Hiett after they supported recent increased charges and rates by some utilities.

The Leftist Apparitions Who Shook Down Scrooge for Money - Foundation for  Economic Education

He suggested they might be Scrooge at Christmas time.

Hiett and Murphy:

I say this with complete sincerity: You have made the lives of Oklahomans demonstrably worse. If I weren’t so mad, I’d take nothing but pity on you because one day you’ll have to explain to your creator why you did it, and I don’t think your answer is going to be well received.

How much of your portfolio values is made up of Oklahoma natural gas companies? Was the dividend nice? Does it keep your children and grandchildren warm at night? The people you’re supposed to be working for deserve to know how much you’ve personally benefitted from your decision to socialize these companies’ risks. Please make that information publicly available by EOD today.

May your Christmas and New Year be as cold and as poor in spirit as the Oklahomans’ homes and pocketbooks you’ve helped swindle.


P.S. Bob Anthony is CC’d because he seems okay. Thanks Bob, but we need you to be a little more forceful with the other two knuckleheads. 

(OK Energy Today chose against revealing the man’s identity)


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