Corporation Commissioners to consider more fuel costs for utilities

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Oklahoma Corporation Commissioners are being asked to approve hundreds of millions of dollars in fuel costs by five rural electric cooperatives.

The request was made in one joint case involving Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative, Canadian Valley Electric Cooperative, Northeast Oklahoma Electric Cooperative, Rich Mountain Electric Cooperative and Southwest Arkansas Electric Cooperative.

The cooperatives asked for a prudence review in August of their purchased power and fuel procurement processes and costs. The Commission’s Public Utilities Division recommended approval following its review.

But customers of some of the cooperatives voiced their opposition. One customer of Canadian Valley Electric Co-Op called the proposed increases “unnecessary and harmful” to members and consumers. He went on to complain that increases in the past year “doubled their monthly electric” bills.

Commissioners in their Tuesday morning meeting will consider the issue (PUD 2022-000080).

They will also review and hold a possible vote on proposed Fuel cost Adjustment Charges of Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company.(PUD 2022-000097).