Bice–don’t play blame game over methane emissions

It's been a first year 'like no other' for Rep. Stephanie Bice | News |


Oklahoma Congresswoman Stephanie Bice urged others Thursday on a House subcommittee exploring how to measure greenhouse gas sources not to play the blame game.

The Republican Representative told others on the Joint Research & Technology and Environment Subcommittee that instead there should be more collaboration to determine the best methods to monitor and quantify greenhouse gas emissions.

The hearing was titled Assessing Federal Programs for Measuring Greenhouse Gas Sources and Sinks and Rep. Bice is a member of the House Space, Science and Technology committee.

“With energy prices at record highs, now is not the time for virtue-signaling. If there are ways to better monitor and quantify greenhouse gases, we don’t need to play the blame game.” Bice said. “We need to understand what is impeding their deployment and work to enable their commercialization as soon as possible.”
She pointed out that at a similar hearing held last week on methane emissions from the oil and gas sector, the message that the monitoring technologies are out there but federal regulations are getting in the way of using them.
” But the overarching message is likely the same: we have the ability to improve the most helpful technologies, but we need to make sure the path to deployment isn’t blocked by burdensome federal regulations,” continued Rep. Bice in her opening statement.
“— I sincerely hope that today’s hearing is not an attempt to villainize the energy producers like those in Oklahoma, which are producing three times more energy than the state consumes.”