Rep. Bice says Biden’s budget plan would raise billions in new taxes on oil and gas

Runoff takeaways: Stephanie Bice wins, incumbents fall | The Journal Record
Oklahoma Congresswoman Stephanie Bice says President Biden’s budget proposal shows he is out of touch with the real needs of the American people and it comes as the U.S. experiences an unprecedented energy crisis.
In comments this week, the Republican Representative said despite record-breaking gas and heating prices, Biden’s proposed budget would add $45 billion in new taxes on domestic oil and gas production.
“One would think he would learn from his failed energy policies, yet he continues to double down on his anti-domestic energy agenda which has resulted in a severe financial burden on Americans,” stated Bice.
She said it’s evident the President and the Democrat party are painfully out-of-touch with the dire needs of the American people.
“This bloated budget not only ignores the multitude of pressing issues facing our nation but would actively make them worse,” she wrote in a statement released this week.
Bice said the president’s $5.8 trillion in legislative ideas attacks American energy, inadequately funds the U.S. military, fails to keep up with China and would further out-of-control inflation.
“Considering that the average U.S. household will spend an extra $5,200 this year due to the stark increase in prices of daily goods, it is unthinkable that the President’s budget would increase taxes on American families and our small businesses,” said Rep. Bice.