New Mexico mayor sends message to struggling oil and gas industry

The mayor of Hobbs, New Mexico has a message to the oil and gas industry that has helped his city through its drilling operations in the Permian Basin of the state—-we are there to help you and support you.

It’s what Mayor Sam Hobbs said in a recent editorial written for the Hobbs News-Sun.

“Due to these uncertain times, the shuttering of businesses and layoffs are prominent and unfortunate realities for all of us. Due to this, we are proud and grateful for our relationships with the oil and gas exploration and production and service companies of all sizes,” stated the mayor.

“Those relationships have allowed the City of Hobbs and the EDCLC (Economic Development Commission of Lea County)  to reach out to those companies to show our continued support for their industry, remind the companies of the prominence and importance of the City of Hobbs and the Permian Basin, and assure them that our workforce capabilities are second to none.”

“We also know that Lea County is known as the ‘EnergyPlex’ for a number of reasons, including our prowess in the oil and gas industry, nuclear, and renewables. Our most important asset is our people and their willingness to get through this storm and see the City of Hobbs continue to grow and flourish.”

Click here to read his entire letter. 

Source: Hobbs News-Sun