US Energy Alliance congratulates Trump administration on fighting Russian gas line

The Trump administration is getting encouragement from the Domestic Energy Producers Alliance to carry out threatened U.S. sanctions over the pipeline carrying Russian natural gas to Germany.

The Nord Stream 2 line runs from Russian gas fields to Germany and the President has threatened sanctions against all international companies working on the line.

“This action tells the world that the U.S. is the world’s economic and energy superpower,” stated a press release from the Alliance.

The Administration has repeatedly encouraged Germany to not accept the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

“The Russians have used their natural gas as a political tool and have limited supply and manipulated prices to several European countries. Additionally, the Nord Stream 2 pipeline is being laid under the Black Sea bypassing several Baltic countries as a political ploy by Moscow,” continued the statement from the Alliance.

It stated that the U. S. is more than able and anxious to supply Germany and all of its allies with American natural gas and oil.

“We are reliable and can be trusted on our pricing.”

This week the Russian pipeline parent company, Gazprom, announced it will attempt to finish the Nord Stream 2 project without the international companies they had been relying on up to this point.

“We believe the administration deserves congratulations on their ability to redirect construction partners on this project. This move away from the project by international companies indicates that the U.S. is THE economic and energy superpower,” added the Alliance.

The Domestic Energy Producers Alliance is a nationwide collaboration of 34 coalition associations representing individuals and companies in domestic onshore oil and natural gas exploration and production.

Source: DEPA announcement