The People of Oklahoma Oil & Natural Gas Will Celebrate the State and the Industry during the Big Game

 The people of Oklahoma Oil & Natural Gas will be making an appearance during the big game on Sunday as they celebrate the role the industry has played in funding education, lowering air emissions and helping secure our nation’s energy independence. The big game being the Super Bowl!

The Oklahoma Energy Resources Board’s (OERB) new public education campaign seeks to educate Oklahomans about the integral role the oil and natural gas industry plays in both the state and national economy and our quality of life. The goal of the campaign, which includes new commercials and sponsorships, is to instill a sense of pride in the men and women who work in the state’s largest industry.

“The people of Oklahoma Oil & Natural Gas are dedicated to building a better Oklahoma,” said OERB Executive Director Mindy Stitt. “They constantly strive to operate more efficiently while protecting their communities. It’s time for them to be proud of what they do.”

In fact, the people of Oklahoma Oil & Natural Gas have made milestone achievements over the past year. From helping our nation officially become a net exporter of oil and natural gas to contributing more than $2 billion dollars to education over the past decade, the industry constantly strives to continue to produce resources more efficiently than ever before while protecting the communities where we live and work.

There is no better way to create pride than through the biggest sports television event of the year. The OERB will air two commercials in Oklahoma City and Tulsa through a local television buy. One commercial will air during the game in the third quarter. The other commercial will run during pregame shows and in Oklahoma City during the season premiere of the hit show The Masked Singer following the game.

The people of Oklahoma Oil & Natural Gas voluntarily fund the OERB through a voluntary one-tenth of one percent assessment on oil and natural gas. Through this funding, the OERB provides free environmental restoration of historic well sites and extensive educational resources for Oklahoma educators, students and classrooms.

Source: OERB Press release