Record cold weather this week in Oklahoma

State Climatologist Gary McManus with the Oklahoma Mesonet says there’s no doubt about it, Oklahoma had record low temperatures this week.
He says just compare the readings this week…
to those already in the record books.
“Just eyeballin’ it, looks like we broke low temperature records throughout the state, as well as heckuva lot of those lowest maximum temp records,” he wrote in his Wednesday weather briefing. “That -4 degrees in Eva out in the Panhandle would tied for the 8th coldest November temperature ever recorded for the state (not just November 12, all of November). Tops (or bottoms?) would be the -15 degrees Kenton enjoyed back on Nov. 28, 1976.”
One more note.
“And those maps don’t even take into account wind chills, which were absolutely brutal,” added McManus.
Some were down to minus-17 in the Panhandle.