Cheaper prices at the gas pumps in Oklahoma

Gasoline prices in Oklahoma dropped four cents on average in the past week reaching a new average of $2.32 a gallon while nationally the average increased a penny to $2.61 a gallon.

AAA Oklahoma reports the lowest prices found in Oklahoma were averages of $2.21 a gallon in Washington County in the northeast and the same average in Cotton County in the south.

The state’s highest prices were in Harmon County in the western part of the state where the average is $2.60 a gallon. Hughes County in the Southeast had an average of $2.57 a gallon while Dewey County in the northwest had an average of $2.55.

Oklahoma’s average of $2.32 compares to $2.37 a gallon in Kansas, $2.81 in Colorado, $2.53 in New Mexico, $2.27 in Texas, $2.29 in Missouri and $2.30 in Arkansas


“While most states are seeing more expensive gas prices on the week, the good news is that the majority of increases were nominal at a few pennies. In fact, only five states saw jumps of a nickel or more,” said Jeanette Casselano, AAA spokesperson. “Motorists are likely to see continued fluctuation at the pump, but not major increases in the week ahead.”

Compared to a month ago, state averages are about a 50/50 split in being either more or less expensive. The vast majority of motorists are seeing savings at the pump compared to November 2018, by as much as a quarter. Only six states are carrying averages more expensive than a year ago: California (+34 cents), Delaware (+12 cents), Nevada (+11 cents), Ohio (+8 cents), Arizona (+5 cents) and Oregon (+3 cents).