Canadian pipeline company exploring Oklahoma for new manufacturing plant

A Canadian pipeline company with new technology in coupling pipes is looking for a home for a manufacturing facility in the U.S. and Oklahoma could be in the running for it.

So says Aethan Sakell, vice president of Business Development for CORE Line Pipe Inc., now headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. He was on hand for last week’s Hart Energy DUG conference in  Oklahoma City, displaying the company’s newest technology in mechanical joints for plastic-lined pipelines.

“It’s designed to handle corrosive fluids,” explained Sakell. “It only takes about 4 minutes to connect 60-foot pipes compared to  about 40 minutes by welding the joints.”

Sakell said the new joint allows a crew of 4 to lay three-quarters of a mile of pipe in  a single day. The sliding joints connect and lock into place. (Click here to view video display)

While CORE linepipe does not have operations underway in the U.S., the company is looking for a site to build a new plant. And Sakell told OK Energy Today Oklahoma could be a prospective site.

“We intend to open at USA manufacturing plant,” he said. “We had a scheduled launch in July but the steel tariffs stopped us. But come January, we intend to have a team on the ground.”

Sakell said the company is looking at a possible site in Oklahoma or in  Texas. It could mean at least 50 manufacturing jobs at where ever the new plant is located.