Oil and gas rig activity increased in Oklahoma and the U.S. in past week

Both Oklahoma and the U.S. reported increased oil and gas rig activity over the past week. Oklahoma’s count grew by one to reach 141 while nationally, the count increased b6 5 to reach 1,052 rigs.

The national count included 5 more oil rigs to hit 863 while the number of gas drilling rigs remained at 187. It also means the national count is 100 more than one year ago when there were 952 active oil and gas rigs. In the past year, the number of oil rigs increased by 100 while the number of gas rigs dropped by two.

In the past week, Canada’s count increased by 10 to reach 182.

Oklahoma’s count compares to Colorado where there was a drop of one to reach 31 active rigs. New Mexico added 4 to reach 99 while the count in North Dakota rose by 3 to hit 57. Kansas added 3 rigs to reach 50 and Texas reported a decline of 4 rigs to 526.

Of the various plays, the Woodfords in Oklahoma dropped one to reach 10 while the Granite Wash remained at 16. The Eagle Ford in south Texas added one and rose to 81. The Permian Basin added one to hit 475. The Mississippian remained at 5.