Gasoline Prices Hold Steady in Oklahoma but Climb Nationally After Harvey

Hurricane Harvey continues to have an impact on gasoline prices nationally as well as in Oklahoma. The national average jumped to $2.64 a gallon on Monday according to AAA while in Oklahoma the average was at $2.18.

Energy experts believe prices will stay high for days, maybe weeks as refineries in south Texas continued to recover from the storm. AAA indicated the last time the nation averaged prices more than $2.50 a gallon was August 2015.

In Oklahoma, reported prices ranged from a low of $1.86 in Moore to a high of $2.67 a gallon in Beaver. Tulsa prices ranged from 2.19 to $2.36 a gallon.

Companies continue assessing the damage to their refineries while some operations have been restarted in Corpus Christi. Eight refineries in Houston were offline while the nation’s biggest refinery was shut down in Port Arthur, Texas.

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