The Politics of Oil, Presidential Candidates and Divorce


Under the headline “Clinton and Trump Used as Pawns in $1 Billion Divorce”, Vanity Fair is still writing about the messy divorce between billionaire oilman Harold Hamm and his ex-wife, Sue Ann Arnall.

But now it’s exploring how Hamm’s a big Donald Trump supporter and Arnall is a supporter of Hillary Clinton. The magazine contends Trump and Clinton are being used “as psychological weapons in one of the most expensive divorces in American history.”

Emily Jane Fox writes how “Hamm and Trump have been stroking each other’s egos for years.” She notes how Hamm left Trump’s Fifth Avenue offices four years ago with Trump Ties and when he appeared on the cover of Forbes wearing one of the ties, Trump sent him more.

While Hamm is an energy adviser to Trump, Fox writes “Hamm may have Trump’s ear and a chance at a cabinet seat, but for now, at least, Arnall has the last word. In the world of public billionaire divorces, nothing is worth more.”




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