Sustainability report released by Ascent Resources


Oklahoma City’s natural gas producerAscent Resources released its 6th sustainability report, pointing to its performance on non-financial environmental, health and safety, social responsibility and governance efforts throughout 2023.

In a letter explaining the company’s operations, CEO Jeffrey A. Fisher pointed out how Ascent started its efforts in 2013 to being a premier operator in the Appalachian basin and today is the second largest private producer in the US, among the largest producers in the nation and the top producer in Ohio.

“When we came together in 2013, one of the key tenants
that was foundational to our company was the belief that
excellence in operations and financial performance would
not be achieved without a commitment to excellence in
Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) performance,” stated Fisher.

“They are intrinsically linked and with that key tenant, we set out to be the best we could be. Today, that idea has expanded to
what we now discuss as sustainability (or ESG), but our focus
is the same: keep people safe, operate with integrity and a
focus on reducing environmental impact and contribute to
the health and well being of our employees and society as
a whole.”

As the report indicated, it cited examples of important metrics.

• Top-decile employee safety performance (TRIR, LTIR,
• Maintained low GHG Intensity while increasing
• Ultra-low Methane Intensity of 0.02
• Produced and flowback water reuse rate of 77%
• Certified 100% of natural gas production as Grade A
through MiQ for a 2nd straight year
• Provided approximately $580,000,000 in positive
societal impact from royalties, taxes, road improvements
and charitable contributions

The company’s report said it continues to believe natural gas is “unrivaled” in an immediate ability to address the challenges of the world’s ever-increasing need for more energy.