Home delivery fee next to offset switch to EVs?


Sounds like another state is intent on making up lost revenue from gasoline sales as the government pushes more electric vehicle development.

Washington state is reported to be considering implementaton of a fee on doorstep deliveries. That’s right. If you live in Washington state and Amazon delivers a package, there will be a “retail delivery fee” imposed on what you order.

E&E News reported how Washington wants all new vehicles to be zero-emissions by 2035, but in the process it will also experience a huge drop in gas tax revenues. They will likely fall below $1 billion and hit a level that could be $300 million below last year’s revenues.

Another challenge? EV vehicles are typically heavier than gasoline-powered cars and trucks so the damage to highways and streets will be more, thus requiring more maintenance. So transportation planners are having  to explore more ways to fund their projects.

As E&E News reported, one of those alternatives might be to put a fee on what’s delivered to your doorstep. Colorado and Minnesota already impose such a retail delivery fee and now Washington, home state of Amazon, might do the same.