Rain—the good and the bad in Oklahoma


After four months, the rainfall amounts in Oklahoma range from more than 30 inches in the southeast to slightly more than 2 inches in the Panhandle, according to the Oklahoma Mesonet.

Just review the Oklahoma Mesonet map above showing how nearly a third of the state had rainfall amounts in the 20 and 30-inch range. The monthly averages, after four months, are nearly double the total rainfall in the Panhandle. All the while, northwest Oklahoma and the Panhandle residents are begging for rain.

As for all the anticipated rain that once filled the weather forecasts from local TV meteorologists, well, that’s gone.

“Our rain chances, which looked so good early this week just a few
days ago, have done the old Texas Shuffle to the south, leaving most of the state with little hope for rain over the next week or so, and maybe longer,” wrote state Climatologist Gary McManus in his Monday morning newsletter.
“That’s okay for now, what with wheat harvest in full swing, but…and that’s a big but, some places still haven’t had their fill.”