Love’s cuts funding ties to Oklahoma Pride Alliance over Free Palestine support

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Oklahoma City-based Loves Travel Stops Company won’t sponsor this year’s Oklahoma PrideFest and Parade because the organizers embraced the Free Palestine stance.

The Oklahoma City Public School District did the same thing, pull its support of the parade.

Loves was clear why it opposed funding the parade.

“—Love’s made the decision last week to withdraw our participation from this year’s parade when we discovered a call to action on the Oklahoma Pride Alliance website for attendees to march with the Soft Hand organization in support of their Free Palestine stance.”

The company said the decision was not made lightly and attempted to learn why the Oklahoma Pride Alliance solicited political-type support in the event.

“While Love’s 100% believes that everyone has the right to express their political views, the conflict regarding the direction of the 2024 Oklahoma PrideFest Parade raised concerns around the potential risk to our employees’ safety and the alignment with our culture of respecting and taking care of others.”

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