Former Corporation Commissioner writes of need for electrical grid improvements


Stating that “Reliable access to electricity is crucial for modern farming operations,” former Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner Denise Bode is advocating a major upgrade for the country’s electric grid.

Writing in the Sunday Oklahoman, Bode noted how the “aging infrastructure is struggling to meeting our modern electricity needs.”  She said as a former chair of the Commission, “I have unique insight into the importance of taking steps to avoid blackouts and electricity shortfalls in the state.”

She went on to profess that as extreme weather events become more frequent, the need for electricity could become a serous issue for farms and processing facilities.

Bode spent 10 years on the Corporation Commission from 1997 to 2007 and previously spent 7 years as President of the Independent Petroleum Association of America in Washington, D. C. She later formed the American Clean Skies Foundation to promote the use of natural gas then became the new CEO of the American Wind Energy Association.

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