Tulsa-based coal firm saw drop in coal sales due to Baltimore bridge collapse


Tulsa’s major coal-mining company, Alliance Resource Parnters, L.P. revealed in an announcement this week it was one of the firms that suffered when a cargo ship plowed into the  major bridge crossing the Baltimore harbor and destroyed it.

Alliance, considered one of the largest east-coast coal mining firms said as a result of the destruction of the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse and flooding, its Appalachia coal sales volumes in April plummeted 48.2% compared to April of 2023. The loss was primarily due to 10 shipping lost days as a direct result of the collapse as well as high-water events that impacted loading at the Partnership’s Tunnel Ridge complex. The high waters also slowed barge traffic.

But the company stated that its production was not affected by the events and continued ativities without interruption. Alliance revealed the volumes of coal deferred by high water was 420,000 tons and by the bridge collapse 77,000 tons. The firm indicated it will be able to make up the shipments throughout the remainder of 2024.

The company’s overall coal sales volumes declined by 15% in April to 2.4 million tons compared to 2.9 million in April of 2023.

Meanwhile, Alliance also announced its intentions to offer $400 million in senior unsecured notes due 2029 in a private placement to eligible purchasers.