North Dakota governor turns down EV expansion funding request—says EVs and cold weather aren’t a good mix


As Oklahoma and other states make slow progress on an expansion of charging stations for electric vehicles, the Governor of North Dakota turned aside a request this week to fund a regional plan for EVs. North Dakota cold weather and EVs don’t mix, he said.

Gov. Doug Burgum questioned the need for it, pointing out that the cold weather that covers the state in the winter is not a good mix for EVs. Sitting on the North Dakota Industrial Commission, he nixed the $375,000 request for the Regional Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Resiliency Plan.

The Energy and Environmental Resource Center at the University of North Dakota had asked for the funding as part of a four-state plan. Burgum, who dropped out of the race for the GOP Presidential nomination earlier in the year said federal agencies encouraging the development of electric vehicles don’t understand the limitations on EVs in cold weather that strikes the state every winter.

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