Carbon removal startup fills Kansas salt caverns with CO2 slurry

Vaulted Deep is injecting carbon-rich slurry at its site in Hutchinson, Kansas. (Vaulted Deep)


While empty salt mines remain under the city of Hutchinson, Kansas, a place that once boasted of the home of Carey Salt, another company is using the mines to rid the country of CO2.

The Houston, Texas company Vaulted Deep has been dumping slurry from the residues of landfills, feedlots and wastewater treatment facilities into the underground in the area around Hutchinson. It gathers the sewage and manure to stop the rise of carbon in the waste into the atmosphere as it decomposes.

During four months of operations, Vaulted Deep said it had removed more than 2,000 metric tons of CO2.

Working with the carbon-removal fund, the Frontier coalition, the two organizations announced recently their intentions to ramp up their carbon removal efforts, reported Canary Media. Their goal, undeer a $58.3 million deal with Vaulted, is to remove more than 152,000 tons of CO2 between 2024 aned 2027.

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