Utilities impersonator reported in OKC

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The Oklahoma City Utilities Department has been made aware that a person impersonating an Oklahoma City Utilities worker is knocking on doors in a residential neighborhood in an attempt to get into homes.

The city issued an alert on Friday saying reports of the impersonator have been in Oklahoma City’s Chisholm Crossing neighborhood. Per reports, he is telling people their water is contaminated and needs to be tested.

There are no reported issues with Oklahoma City water quality.

What You Need to Know:

  • To confirm the legitimacy of a Utilities representative, ask for official Utilities identification.
  • All Utilities Department staff carry official Oklahoma City badges with a holographic overlay that includes the City seal and the department name.
  • The majority of Utilities Department work in neighborhoods does not require entry into homes.
  • Entry into a home is most often needed upon a customer request and an appointment will be set.