Texas Congressman wants power grid sharing with Oklahoma and other states

Service technicians work to install the foundation for a transmission tower at the CenterPoint Energy power plant on in Houston, Texas. Credit: Brandon Bell/Getty Images


If a Texas congressman is successful, his state’s power grid known as ERCOT, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, would be able to connect to neighboring power grids such as Oklahoma to receive emergency power when it is needed.

U.S. Rep. Greg Casar’s “Connect the Grid Act” would help Texas reduce the possibility of a recurrence of what happened in the 2021 Winter Storm when 246 deaths were blamed on rolling blackouts across the state.

Remember, ERCOT exists only in Texas and is not controlled by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission like Oklahoma and other states are. Oklahoma is a member of the Southwest Power Pool while Texas has its own power grid.

Congressman Casar also wants taxpayers to foot some of the bill should his measure become law. He’s asking for $11 billion from the federal Energy Department to support comp;anies in the construction of interregional transmission lines, according to a report by Inside Climate News.

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