Snow in the Panhandle and freezing weather still with parts of Oklahoma


Don’t put out those tomato plants quite yet. Hard freezes are coming in Oklahoma.

It’s the latest word from Oklahoma Climatologist Gary McManus.

“That’s okay though (it’s not really, but humor me). We’re still a week or three away from our average last spring freeze,” he wrote in his Monday morning Mesonet blog.
Snow Falls In Oklahoma Panhandle
He also offered a series of radar pictures showing where snow was falling and what we can expect in terms of low temperatures.

Yes, temperatures could be back into the 70s by the weekend.
“until then, we have the current freeze advancing southeast through the state, then a freeze tomorrow (Tuesday) morning and again on Wednesday and Thursday. Some places will see a hard freeze…others, not quite as bad–or no freeze at all,” said McManus.

“Now we will see temperatures rebound back into spring mode, but you’re gonna have to wait for the end of the week,” he added.