How crazy is this….people stood in line all night to be first customers at Colorado’s first Buc-ee’s

A line outside Colorodo's first Buc-ee's on opening day



Crowds started gathering late Sunday night.  Not to be first in line for a concert or a footbal game in Colorado.

It was for Monday’s grand opening of the state’s first Buc-ee’s store, one located on I-25 north of Denver. Hard to believe, isn’t it? People stood in line all night long to be first inside the 74,000-suare-foot Johnstown travel center with 116 fueling pumps and a dozen EV charging stations.

Like every Buc-ee’s up and down I-35 in Texas, but not yet in Oklahoma, the store will serve Beaver nuggets, Texas barbeque, fudge, kolache, jerky and pastries. Ground was broken on the Colorado store in June of 2022