SEC filings show how much investment firms hold in Oklahoma energy companies

Several more energy firms located in Oklahoma, either with headquarters or through oil and gas operations filed SEC reports this week revealing ownership by investment groups.

Mammoth Energy, based in Oklahoma filed a report showing 2,368,145 shares or 4.94% were owned by ValueWorks Limited Partners LP of New York City.

The Vanguard Group has heavy investment in Oklahoma oil and gas firms.

It holds 1,780,008 shares or 6.34% in Vital Energy of Tulsa, according to the SEC filing.

Vanguard holds 20,813,661 shares or 10.57% in OGE Energy Corp.

Another SEC filing showed Vanguard Group holds 73,897,653 shares or 11.53% in Devon Energy.

A filing by Chesapeake Energy revealed the Vanguard Group holds 12,673,082 shares or 9.67% in the company.

Still another Oklahoma firm with shares held by the Vanguard Group is SandRidge Energy. The filing shows Vanguard holds 1,918,892 shares or 5.17%.

Vanguard also holds 69,671,688 shares or 11.96% in ONEOK, according to an SEC filing.

A ONE Gas filing indicated Vanguard Group holds 6,412,557 shares or 11.56% of the firm.

Two out-of-state energy firms filed similar SEC reports in which the Vanguard Group holds shares.

Vanguard holds 27,030,413 shares or 9.90% in Ovintiv Inc. and 87,926,567 shares or 11.69% n Coterra Energy.