Regulators issue new oil and gas directive following 5.1 magnitude earthquake


The Oklahoma Corporation Commission’s Oil and Gas Conservation Division has issued a second directive for a change in the operations of some oil and gas wastewater disposal wells in response to recent seismic events in the Prague area.

The new Directive is in addition to the previous Directive issued February 3 following the February 2 event that was felt not only in Oklahoma, but in Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and North Texas.

The new Directive applies to disposal wells operating within a six mile zone around the epicenter of the February 2, 2024 5.1 magnitude earthquake.

Actions required by the latest Directive:

1)    Disposal wells within 3 miles of the earthquake epicenter and with a depth below the Woodford formation must begin shut-down, to be completed by February 17. The gradual shutdown process is necessary to avoid sudden pressure changes that could result in more seismic activity.

2)     In the six mile zone area, no new permits will be issued for disposal deeper than the Woodford formation

Again, this Directive is in addition to the February 3, 2024 Directive requiring the shutdown of all disposal wells within 10 miles of the epicenter that dispose into the Arbuckle formation.