Oil field employment stayed flat in January across Oklahoma and other states


The government reported this week the oil and gas industry lost 3,741 jobs in the month of January.

The figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that job availability, compared to December, decreased by 0.6% across the sector.

The Energy Workforce & Technology Council analyzed the preliminary data and showed Oklahoma with nearly 49,100 workers in the state’s oilfield. The U.S. decline in oil and gas compared to a 3.7% unemployment rate across the nation.

National job growth posted a surprisingly strong increase in January. Meanwhile, U.S. Chamber of Commerce analysis finds that workforce participation remains below pre-pandemic levels.

As the oil and gas industry experiences unprecedented attacks on the LNG, offshore, and fracking industry from federal regulations, the energy services sector is facing the impacts firsthand.

“As the jobs remain relatively flat, we are hopeful that as energy demand continues to grow we will see the jobs holding steady and trending towards long-term growth,” said Energy Workforce Molly Determan. “We will continue to support policies that enable this growth.”

In a state-by-state analysis, Energy Workforce reported the following:

TX 314,402
LA 53,874
OK 49,099
CO 26,195
NM 24,130
CA 23,614
PA 23,356
ND 20,065
WY 14,968
OH 10,710
AK 10,000
WV 9,871