Management firms show their ownership in Oklahoma energy companies

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Some recent filings by Oklahoma energy companies with the Securities and Exchange Commission reveal percentage of shares owned by investors.

Mammoth Energy filed a report showing Wexford Capital L.P. held 22,566,238 shares or 47.07% of the company’s total shares. Wexford is headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut and has more than $5 billion of assets under management.

A second SEC filing by Mammoth Energy of Oklahoma City also indicated Adage Capital Partners L.P. held 4,275,000 shares or 8.92% of the company.  Founded 23 years ago and headquartered in Boston, Adage was reported in 2015 to be one of the world’s top 10 largest hedge funds.

A filing showed how many shares in Gulfport Energy were held by Wellington Management Group LLP. Wellington held 1,008,733 shares or 5.42% of the company.

Wellington is based in Boston and considered a private, independent investment management firm with client assets under management totaling more than $1 trillion. It also serves as an investment advisor to more than 2,200 institutions in more than 60 countries.

A filing by Capital World Investors showed its ownership of shares in Chesapeake Energy. The SEC filing indicated Capital World held 3,311,875 shares or 2.5% of the company’s shares.

Ovintiv Inc. of Denver filed a report show ownership of some of its shares by FMR LLC. Located in Boston and known also as Fidelity Investments or Fidelity Management & Research, the firm held 23,112,701 shares or 8.469% of the company.