Earthquake rattled Eagle Ford play over the weekend



Texas, not Oklahoma, was the latest state to be shaken by a significant earthquake.

It was early Saturday morning when a 4.7 magnitude quake rattled San Antonio around 12:30. The depth, according to the U.S. Geological Society was 4.2 miles and the epicenter was about 1.5 miles southeast of Falls City, located 60 miles southeast of San Antonio.

The quake was described as the largest that occurred in the past several months. Previous quakes measured 3.2 and 3.5 magnitude just a few weeks ago. Three others which were smaller in magnitude were reported on Monday in Karnes County where Falls City is located. It was in June of 2019 when a 3.6 magnitude quake was recorded near Falls City.

The region is also part of the Eagle Ford play where there is extensive oil and gas drilling. As of publication time, no official had yet to blame drilling or wastewater disposal for perhaps causing the quakes.

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