Dedicated OK Energy Today writer made her mark


One of the writers who helped bring you energy news here at OK Energy Today over the past several years was Alisha Davidson.

She substituted for me whenever I took time off and proved to be a most capable and reliable writer, eager to provide information for our readers.  Friendly too and she became a good journalist.A hard worker and dedicated to the part-time profession while she worked full-time elsewhere.

Alisha was always eager to write for me. She appreciated the opportunity to assist in any way. While she didn’t work full time in the writing she loved, she was as dedicated a journalist as any one who spent time digging for news and information.

Alisha died earlier this month following a sudden onset of a disease that left her hospitalized for weeks and not eligible for a transplant.

She was 60 and first came to my attention from friend and colleague Gwin Falconer Lippert who once taught journalism classes at Oklahoma City Community College. Gwin suggested this bright and eager student of hers might be a good hire for part-time writing. Boy, was she right!

I just wanted to share the loss here at OK Energy Today and of the grief suffered by her family. Her obituary concluded with the thoughts….she will be greatly missed.

Indeed she will.

Below is her obituary.

Alisha Diane Davidson passed away from this life to begin her journey beyond on February 6, 2024. She was 60 years old. Born on November 11, 1963, Alisha was the daughter of Melvin Gilbert Davidson and Betty Jo (Woods) Overstreet, both of whom preceded her in death.

She adored her three children – Caitlin Davidson of Newcastle, OK, Ryan Davidson of Harrah, OK, and Reed Davidson of Norman, OK, all of whom will forever cherish her memory. She is also survived by many aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews, and numerous cousins.

Alisha attended U.S. Grant High school her freshman year, and thereafter began attending Mount Saint Mary, graduating with the Class of 1981. She later attended Southern Methodist University in University Park, Texas. Professionally, Alisha accomplished many great things at the Zales Corporation, Kerr McGee, Southwest Airlines, and finally, as a legal assistant and paralegal for the State of Oklahoma.

Sweet, loving, and caring, Alisha enjoyed nothing more than spending quality time with the people she loved. She was supportive and kind, especially when it came to her children. Alisha was a devoted mom who was always there to support her kids through their accomplishments and cheer for them during their sporting events and extra-curricular activities.

She loved to travel and explore new places, and delighted in showing her children the beauty and wonder life has to offer. Having come of age in the 1970s, Alisha had a soft spot for The Beatles and The Rolling Stones and loved listening to 80s rock. Alisha’s love for music was just as vibrant as her personality.

As we reflect on the life of Alisha Diane Davidson, let us remember her for the beautiful moments she shared, the love she bestowed upon her family, and her unwavering commitment to the things that brought her joy. She will be greatly missed.