OKC energy companies help fund production improvements in Wyoming

An oil rig is all lit up at night in a Wyoming oil field.


Two major Oklahoma City oil and gas firms, Devon Energy and Continental Resources, are part of a $25 million effort to develop new technologies in getting production from wells difficult to pump out in Wyoming.

They are among several energy firms that partnered with the University of Wyoming to research and perhaps develop enhanced oil recovery techniques.

The Cowboy State Daily reports the partnership is called the   Wyoming Gas Injection Initiative (WGII) and it is expected to revitalize the state’s legacy oil fields through cutting-edge lab experiments and field pilot tests.

Joining Devon Energy and Continental Resources are Dow Chemical Co. of Michigan, Ballard Petroleum Holdings LLC based in Montana and Occidental Petroleum Corp. of Houston.

The project is not designed to finance any new wells but will focus on increasing production in Wyoming’s mature fields in Campbell, Converse and Johnson counties. For the next two years, researchers will carry out a laboratory study of Wyoming reservoir rock and also conduct tests to determine which injected additives create optimal production results in the oil field.