National Pothole Day–get in line to report them



Oklahoma City drivers are being asked to report potholes on this National Pothole Day.

All they have to do is report a pothole problem to the OKC Action Center.

Reporting potholes in OKC is fast and easy:

  • Log on to
  • Email
  • Text (405) 252-1053
  • Call the Action Center at (405) 297-2535

Crews need an accurate address or closest intersection to respond efficiently.

More than 60,000 potholes were filled by City crews in 2023.

“Everyone hates potholes. With more than 8,000 miles of roads in OKC, we depend on residents to let us know where the potholes are,” Streets Superintendent Chris Daniels said. “The sooner we know about a pothole, the faster we can fill them.”

How potholes form

Potholes are formed when water seeps into cracks in the asphalt and then down into the roadbed. The repeated freezing and thawing of water then expands to create larger gaps and cracks in the asphalt. As traffic drives over the weakened asphalt, the road surface comes apart.