Generals tell Biden and EPA their EV push will only help China


President Biden’s war on oil and gas and his overwhelming support to spend billions of dollars promoting the electric vehicle industry just added more opposition—a coalition of 17 retired military officials, including several one, two and three-star officers.

In a letter to Biden and the Environmental Protection Agency, the generals raised alarm over the White House’s EV push over its national security implications, reported First on Fox.

Led by U.S. Army Major General James Marks, they warned the president’s plans for mass EV proliferation will increase reliance on Chinese supply chains. They claimed it will only “intensify Ameria’s vulnerability to political interference by the Chinese Communist Party.”

The high-ranking officers told the President and EPA Administrator Michael Regan, their strong push to kill fossil fuels and convert to EVs “will rush our transition to EVs before the infrastructure necessary to support it is in place.”

They added, “This trajectory will only position the U.S. to become more reliant on China for critical minerals and manufacturing that are necessary for the rapid expansion of EV markets this administration envisions.”

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