Frigid weather to hit Oklahoma on Monday—a “dangerous” day


If you’re not prepared for the Arctice blast of winter weather to arrive on Monday, you might have the weekend to get ready.

The state is bracing for the extreme weather to hit and Oklahoma Climatologist Gary McManus Monday “will be the most dangerous day.”


So it means if you work outdoors, which translates to oilfield crews, ranchers and farmers and utility workers, will be a cold, cold day.

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“All in all, it won’t be as bad as the February 2021 event (fingers crossed, legs crossed, eyes crossed). I don’t think we’ll see the coldest day in Oklahoma history, at least. Again, from February 2021,” added McManus in his witty Mesonet newsletter.

“But we will see a good 4-5 days below freezing for parts of the state (i.e., northern Oklahoma, maybe expanding south). And 120 consecutive hours below freezing is nothing to sneeze at. But it won’t match February 2021, which saw Lahoma go 334 consecutive hours below freezing.”