Biden delays large LNG and natural gas projects

Calcasieu Pass LNG export facility, Cameron Parish, Louisiana, US


President Biden, under pressure from environmentalists, intervened this week in the permitting process for 17 large natural gas projects around the country and delayed a decision on a Louisiana liquefied natural gas export project that would have been the largest in the US.

He told the Department of Energy to conduct more climate impact analyses of the projects, including the major LNG one proposed by Venture Global LNG’s Calcasieu Pass 2 plant. The project would make Venture Global one of the largest LNG companies in the world, according to Fox News.

Environmentalists had demanded for months that the White House stop the projects and this week the President apparently gave into the pressure.

“It appears that individuals within the White House are trying to force policymaking through leaks to the media. This continues to create uncertainty about whether our allies can rely on US LNG for their energy security,” Shaylyn Hynes, a spokesperson for energy developer Venture Global, said in a statement to Fox News.

“If this leaked report from anonymous White House sources is true, it appears the Administration may be putting a moratorium on the entire U.S. LNG industry.”

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