Attorney General to monitor natural gas market during frigid weather

Oklahoma Attorney General Gentner Drummond announced Friday that his office will be monitoring natural gas supply and marketing activity during the frigid weather expected over the next few days.

With bone-chilling temperatures in the forecast, Drummond said he wants to ensure Oklahomans are not exploited as they were during Winter Storm Uri.

“I am committed to protecting ratepayers from price manipulation to ensure fair costs that reflect market conditions,” Drummond said. “I understand the natural volatility of energy prices during inclement weather. My office will be closely monitoring the situation and any suspicious activity will be investigated promptly. I will not permit unscrupulous actors to exploit Oklahoma on my watch.”

Drummond is asking public utilities to notify his office if natural gas marketers fail to meet their obligations as specified by contract.

Drummond announced last year possible legal action against various entities he believes were responsible for soaring natural gas prices during Winter Storm Uri in 2021. An investigation into activity during the Uri storm is active.

Source: AG release