ONG begins a renewable natural gas program for customers


Oklahoma Natural Gas launched a new gas program this week, one offering renewable natural gas to those customers who want to use it.

The RNG program allows customers to buy the renewable natural gas starting at around $3, according to an announcement by ONG.

“Renewable natural gas is an innovation that is ready today, yielding benefits for the environment and everyday users of natural gas,” said Erin Dailey, director of sustainability. “The voluntary program gives our customers a choice at an affordable price.”

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RNG projects capture methane from organic materials like food and animal waste. The gas is delivered to customers using existing natural gas pipelines. Once processed, RNG is chemically identical to geologic natural gas and can be used anywhere you use natural gas, including cooking, heating and laundry.

Oklahoma Natural Gas customers can opt-in starting around $3 per block and purchase up to 40 blocks per month. Each block represents approximately 5% of the average residential customer’s monthly usage.

Oklahoma Natural Gas’ research last year showed that about a third of its customers were interested in participating in an RNG program – even for an additional cost. In the future, the company will review the performance of the program to gauge its long-term viability. All residential, as well as small commercial and industrial customers (those under the 200-SCI rate plan, according to their monthly statement) can enroll in the pilot program.

“By opting into the program, Oklahomans will help reduce emissions by replacing traditional natural gas supply with a renewable fuel source,” Dailey said.

Here’s how the program works:

  • In November each year, Oklahoma Natural Gas will announce the price per block for the following 12 months. It is $3.038 per block today. Please note, Oklahoma Natural Gas does not set the price, nor profit from the cost of RNG. Much like the normal cost of gas, the utility passes through the cost to its customers.
  • Customers can sign up any time of the year. Once enrolled, they must stay in the program at their requested number of blocks for an initial 12-month period.
    • Re-enrollment requires no action. Customers can request removal before their initial 12-month period ends, and it will be canceled on their account once that period concludes. After 12 months, customers may go month to month and cancel at any time.

For more information and to opt into the voluntary program, visit

Source: press release