BlackRock still invests in Oklahoma oil and gas

SEC Filings and Documents Archive


Two Oklahoma energy companies made filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission showing who some of their shareholders are.

A filing by Tulsa-based Vital Energy also revealed BlackRock Inc., the firm banned from doing business with state agencies under the Oklahoma Energy Discrimination Elimination Act, is actually doing business with oil and gas.

BlackRock was put on the banned list because of its controversial ESG list which at one time discriminated against investments in the oil and gas industry. The discrimination also led to the Discrimination Elimination Act to be created by the Oklahoma legislature. It prevents Oklahoma state pension funds from being invested in such firms as BlackRock because of their discriminatory financial actions.

In the 13G filing with the SEC, Vital Energy showed BlackRock Inc. owns 2,735,509 shares in the company. It comprises 9.9% of Vital’s total number of shares.

A form 4 filing by Connecticut-based Silver Point Capital, L.P. revealed it recently disposed of some of its holdings in Gulfport Energy Corp. of Oklahoma City. Silver Point sold 146,455 shares at $136.56 each but still holds 6,223,438 shares in the company.