Congresswoman says Bidenomics is a failure and we’re paying for it

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Congresswoman Stephanie Bice points out that gasoline prices are $1 higher per gallon than when President Biden took office and that’s why, she says, Bidenomics isn’t working.

The Republican Representative says during Biden’s time in office, prices have risen across the board…canned cranberries during Thanksgiving were up 60%, frozen vegetables up about 11%, uncooked turkey more than 7%.

“These prices are due to the failed policies of the Biden Administration,” said Rep. Bice in a recent release who added it’s not just the Holiday season.

“Since Biden took office, inflation is up 17.6%, and on average American families are spending nearly $709 more per month. It is clear, Bidenomics is not working.”

Food prices are up 20.9%, rent is up 18%, and electricity is up 24.7%. Gas prices remain nearly $1 dollar per gallon higher than when Biden became President. In October, nonfarm payroll employment fell short of expectations.

Bice said she remains focused on unleasing American energy independence because gas prices affect every aspect of the nation’s economy, from farming and production to shipping goods to market.

“It cannot be denied that under this Administration, life is more unaffordable. Many Americans are struggling to purchase homes or put food on the table,” she added.

Source: Bice press release