Tahlequah Sen. files Daylight Saving Time bill


The idea of turning clocks back in the fall or springing forward in the spring irks one state senator who wants Oklahoma to be permanently on Daylight Saving Time.

Sen. Blake Stephens of Tahlequah filed a bill to “Lock the Clock” and keep the state permanently on DST. Senate Bill 1200, if approved by the legislature and signed into law by the governor, would result in eliminating the practice of changing clocks twice a year.

“There are so many benefits to staying in Daylight Saving Time year-round,” Stephens said. “It would provide more daylight for commerce, exercise, and other outdoor activities, but we would also see less car accidents, crime, depression, and fewer heart attacks and other stress-related health incidents often attributed to the time change. I’m hopeful my legislative colleagues will listen to the majority of Oklahomans in support of this measure and help me get it to the governor’s desk.”

As a trigger law, SB 1200 would go into effect following the passage of the federal Sunshine Protection Act by Congress, which would allow states to permanently adopt DST or practice standard time. Nearly half of the states have already passed legislation to stop their clock, with 19 choosing DST.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), at least 29 other states have considered or are considering legislation related to DST.

The bill will be available for consideration when the Legislature convenes in February.