House votes to defy Biden’s waiver of sanctions against Iran

US Expands Sanctions Against Iran's Financial and Banking Infrastructure - The Media Line


The U.S. House on Thursday passed what Oklahoma Congressman Kevin Hern described as the toughest ever sanctions bill against Iran.

H.R. 5961, the No Funds for Iranian Terrorism Action passed with a vote of 307-199, including the support of all five Oklahomans in the House of Representatives. An amendment by Texas Rep. August Pfluger and pushed by Rep. Hern, strengthened the bill by freezing all sanctioned Iranian assets permanently, with no exceptions or waivers allowing the President to lift sanctions without an act of Congress.  The amendment was passed on a vote of 231-198.

“There is no reason that the United States should be party to any kind of funding for terrorism,” said Hern.

Last week, the Biden Administration announced a waiver allowing Iraq to send $10 billion to Iran for electricity payments. Rep. Hern opposed the waiver.

“The Biden Administration should not be able to use loopholes and waivers to ease sanctions on terrorists in Iran who funded the heinous October 7th attack on our ally Israel. Israel relies on our friendship not only in times of peace, but especially in times of hardship.”

The Tulsa Congressman said it is not the time to take our foot off the gas and to use every tool at the nation’s disposal to combat terrorism in Iran and Gaza. In previous administrations, oil sales by Iran were not allowed.

Congressman Tom Cole agreed with Hern.

“There is no excuse for allowing Hamas’ most important backer – Iran – to access money that can be used on weapons, training, rockets and weapons of mass destruction. This cannot continue and the United States’ and our allies’ security relies on our country remaining strong against terrorism. By stopping billions of dollars from reaching Tehran, we can put an end to Iran’s support of global terrorism, and this bill will do just that.”