Sen. Lankford gets his wish—10 years later


It wasn’t too many years ago when then U.S. Rep. James Lankford was a strong advocate for the U.S. to move quickly during the Obama administration to allow the export of more LNG.

It was 2013 to be precise and Lankford was critical of the Obama administration’s State Department for slow-walking or not even considering applications to export liquid natural gas, some of which came from Oklahoma.

Ten years later, following the Trump administration and now the Biden administration, Lankford is a U.S. Senator and lo and behold, the U.S. is the highest exporter of LNG in the world. The U.S. Energy Information said the U.S. reached the energy milestone in the first six months of t he year.

Until this year, Qatar was the world’s leading LNG exporter and had been so for years, then it was surpassed by Australia in 2021. This year, Sen. Lankford got his wish.

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